Content marketing for lawyers, the web calls you

Have you ever thought of telling some of your cases in a blog to give information to those looking for them on the web? If you have not done it yet it's good that you think about it because it can bring you many benefits.

Do you know how many people search the web to solve small problems, from the trivial sore throat to how to eliminate cockroaches from home? Well, even with regard to the law there are many users who need to know that procedure, or a brief guide on how to behave in certain circumstances, perhaps for damages for a road accident or for medical malpractice. In short, today we first make a click that to ask all the relatives and friends if they know a solution for their problem.

You still have not understood where we want to arrive? Ok, let's go to the point. If you create interesting content, you can increase your turnover . Beautiful, is not it? Yes, nice and all in all not even so complicated.

Content marketing for lawyers, the web calls you

You know perfectly well that the digitization of different services has led to an ever-increasing and more mobile use of the web, but perhaps you still do not know how much this can be beneficial for your work. This is a period of big changes for your profession, and most of these are changes for the better. Let's have an overview of the situation.

Starting from this summer, precisely from 29 August, lawyers can also set up companies, cooperatives and be part of various professional associations . Moreover, since last June it is also possible to participate in tenders for the assignment of legal services, including the creation of networks and consortia. All this translates into a series of new possibilities for you and your studio: you can promote all these new possibilities on your site.

To make the most of all these situations, you need to be present on the web and you need to have good content to share with what will be your target, ie those people potentially interested in your services and who, with certain marketing strategies, can transform themselves really in customers. Let's take a step at a time though.

What is content marketing and what I need

Before you can figure out how to exploit the web and all of its many tools, you must have at least an idea of what the content marketing or content marketing . Think, for example, when you have a free moment and look at your cell phone casually. Maybe you're waiting for a customer or they'll get you in court. You are sitting and start surfing at random. Then at some point you find a curious title. You'll stop there. It's about something that, in fact, a little interest you. Then open the link and land on a page where you find an article. Start reading and the story becomes compelling.

Time passes but you do not notice because as you move forward you are more and more involved, continue to slide with your finger and read everything until the end. Then you find a button below that asks if you want to receive this content by email and you click. Here we are, you have entered a lead generation process , a marketing strategy that is used to create new contacts that will have to be cultivated and converted into customers. And why should not you use this method too?

Today you really have too many competitors

You know very well that today the turnover of a lawyer is no longer like that of several years ago. Today there is a lot of competition and being good is not enough. You've probably experienced it in person. The good news is that if you start investing on the web you can get results that you do not imagine. To beat the competition you basically need one thing: customers, and to get them you have to promote yourself and today, thanks to the laws that allow it, you can do a lot.

Your colleagues are very strong, probably many of them have already put into practice the strategies of marketing for lawyers and have a site that make the most of, well optimized and that generates new contacts , which can mean new customers. If you do not adapt to this condition you end up closing the study in a while, because there are always new technologies that are going to undermine your profession, like the virtual lawyer .

The technology that helps you

Not all technology, however, brings disadvantages to your profession. Perhaps you have already tried to use it for your work, perhaps with a digital calendar where you can mark appointments or share documents with Google drive for example. But there's more, you must be a technological advocate . With the LEGALDESK law firm, you can take that step forward. You can import files from Polisweb , send pec , check all your documents at any time and wherever you are, you can manage billing and all your deadlines.

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