How Can Increase Lawyer Customer?

All this began to be a little too restrictive in a society where advertising seems to be the only effective way to try to emerge from the crowd.

Thus the Forensic Deontological Code has also been updated, definitively approving a revised version of Article 35. This took place in 2006, following the approval of the Bersani Decree (Law 248/2006) , which also recognized lawyers and notaries the right to carry out information activities concerning their services.

It was the first step towards the implementation of the reform of a law contained in the Forensic Deontological Code.

So today even lawyers are allowed to make the most of all the potential offered by the web, various websites, road signs and social networks. This important innovation has given rise to a question related to the best way to advertise your legal site.

Which promotional channel to choose among the many available? The answer depends largely on everyone's preferences, although all must respect the concept of correct, truthful and transparent information.

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Legal marketing on websites

Making your own website is now also possible for lawyers and notaries, as for any other professional. In addition to the general rules of veracity of the information contained, transparency and professional accuracy, however, the site is subject to special restrictions and procedures. First of all, the lawyer must provide for the communication to the Order of belonging of the address of the site itself, also indicating its content.

An important limitation and to which the utmost attention must be paid when a lawyer chooses to advertise his business through a website concerns the domain.

The professional will have to use his own domain, absolutely abstaining from the use of domains with apparently suggestive names that could constitute a mirror for the larks for potential customers who surf the web.

It is therefore forbidden to choose domains such as or, which could contribute to providing misleading information to the reader.

Legal marketing on social networks

Like anyone else, even the lawyer can have his own page on the main social networks. In this case it is important to always remember that the only restriction regards the indications provided.

Try to expand your number of customers using vehicles such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus or Linkedin, as long as the information that the lawyer provides through these channels is transparent and truthful. 

Promoting the services offered through a social page is therefore possible as long as the page is used for professional communications and its creation is promptly communicated to the Council of the Bar Association.

Creating targeted and truly useful communications for the end customer can ultimately determine the success of the campaign itself, while a plan of continuous promotion over time will succeed in obtaining better results.

How to find a lawyer client on social media?

Before starting to promote their own legal activity on social media, every professional should have a clear picture of the starting situation and the objectives it sets for itself. A detailed list of the strengths and weaknesses of your law firm and of those that could be further increased could give the professional an accurate idea of ​​the issues on which to focus on increasing the number of their clients, as well as providing a framework detail of the resources that could still be used.

What are the objectives that the lawyer places with advertising on social media? Increase your visibility . Undoubtedly this is one of the objectives that unites all those who choose to start any advertising campaign.

Identify your optimal target audience, however, requires a careful analysis of customers, a careful assessment of their expectations and the different level of satisfaction in relation to the received service.

Only from these elements can a truly effective business plan arise, which contains within it the set objectives and the best way to achieve them. This is an accurate and in-depth examination, which requires the temple to be invested in on itself, but which, if performed in an optimal manner, will be able to give results far superior to any rosy expectations.

Legal marketing on the internet: a time-consuming formula

Starting to advertise on social media or through a website and thinking of getting the pre-established results right away is a wrong idea, both for the legal sector and for any other area.

To achieve the goals that a professional had set will take a lot of time and dedication. It will be necessary to dedicate to the page on social networks or to the website precious hours of their time, keep constantly updated blogs and contacts with their fans. Only in this way it is possible to obtain the hoped-for results, which in any case take months to arrive. We can say that internet advertising is a kind of long-term investments in oneself .

To have time to dedicate to this innovative form of advertising, without sacrificing part of their work, it is essential to rely on advanced tools that can help the practitioner to manage their practices and offer convenient and fast billing methods .

LEGALDESK is undoubtedly one of the most effective tools for helping with the management of the law firm . The software, able to integrate perfectly with the major devices in use, such as Google Drive, Dropbox. Google Calendar and OneDrive, allows you to better manage your appointments, thanks to a very practical agenda that will avoid forgetting any deadline.

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